Friday, May 12, 2006

chick flick...

By the end of the eighties and early nineties, there came a time when, I think, out of boredom, frustration and depression, Lebanese came up with the most ingeniously stupid idea. They decided to bring to the fore of our daily lives, a new kind of fun and entertainment... A peculiar hobby: Little yellow chicks were hitting the Lebanese scene, and hitting it hard!

Dogs and cats became obsolete and far too banal for Lebanese. Encountering them wandering our cityscapes became boring and uninteresting... Obscure nights, were in need for something to lighten them up. In some absurd logic, someone thought that selling little yellow chicks would add a bit of color to the dusty streets of our cities and provide amusement to the disconnected inhabitants, in rural areas and mountain villages....

During that period, parents were somehow forced to buy anything for their kids... Anything to keep their minds off what was happening to their outside world... Fulfilling their childrens' caprices, also bought them momentary peace of mind! I think, and in an attempt to bring some logical explanation to what they were about to buy, those parents kept thinking that someday when those chicks grow up, we will have our own little fresh egg production, and why not eventually...Chicken.
But when those poor little creatures weren't amassed on top of each other in piled up metallic cages and baskets tightened to the back of a cheap motorbike or bicycle, kids disposed of their new acquired trophies in the most sadistic ways possible and imaginable...

For some reason, and as if by destiny, every defenseless little chick had to undergo multiple endurance tests:
- How much can it hold its breath under water?
- How hard can I hit it before it expires?
- If I held it by its feet and spun it over my head... What happens?
- Can it do the splits you think?

The poor creatures never made it past the week after their adoption... Later on, chick sales were overpowered or at least joined by bunny rabbit selling. Try storing a rabbit in a cardboard box on the 6th floor of a balcony in the heart of the capital.

Much to my surprise, a few years ago, and luckily just for a brief period of time, I saw the same phenomenon repeat itself on some streets in Beirut... This time chicks were urban grungy and punk looking. But of course! Why wouldn't they? They must follow the ever-changing, always up-to-date "mode libanaise"; I guess fluorescent color, and fuschia were IN that year…

Aren't we a weird breed of people!

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i love those chicksssssssssss


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