Monday, February 18, 2008

What a Family eats in One Week.

Here's an interesting email I got from my boss today. It is a worldwide comparison of how much an average family consumes per week, in terms of food [quantity and cost].
I have always been bothered by this selective injustice, and how unfair the world is, when one part is deprived and dying of famine, while the other is obese, and sinking into over nutrition and multivitamins...
I don't know about you, but I sure am counting my blessings... Here it is...


Germany: The Melander family of Bargteheide
Food expenditure for one week: 375.39 Euros or $500.07

United States: The Revis family of North Carolina
Food expenditure for one week $341.98

Italy: The Manzo family of Sicily
Food expenditure for one week: 214.36 Euros or $260.11
Mexico: The Casales family of Cuernavaca
Food expenditure for one week: 1,862.78 Mexican Pesos or $189.09
Poland: The Sobczynscy family of Konstancin-Jeziorna
Food expenditure for one week: 582.48 Zlotys or $151.27

Egypt: The Ahmed family of Cairo
Food expenditure for one week: 387.85 Egyptian Pounds or $68.53
Ecuador: The Ayme family of Tingo
Food expenditure for one week: $31.55

Bhutan: The Namgay family of Shingkhey Village
Food expenditure for one week: 224.93 ngultrum or $5.03

Chad: The Aboubakar family of Breidjing Camp

Food expenditure for one week: 685 CFA Francs or $1.23

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At 5:35 AM, Blogger Red said...

This is fascinating stuff.

I am somewhat surprised to see that the US family is not topping the list, but I imagine it's probably because food in the US is remarkably cheaper than it is in Europe, especially in the euro-zone, where prices doubled (quite literally) after the introduction of the common currency.

I also noticed that the US family is the only one (the family in Chad excepted) without a healthy portion of fruit and vegetables...

Wonderful post.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger _z. said...

yes food in the US is considerably cheaper than in Europe. also note that the US family consumes a lot of junk food....

At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Super Dude said...

The _z family in one week-end.

3 pizzas Sunburst, pointillisme, and smiley.

Cost $22.95 Canadian.

Sorry, couldn't help myself :D

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Mirvat said...

super dude, he said it was a pizza party!

at least as we go down the pictures, it gets healthier.. no it's just bad. no good spin on this one.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger deuBleuDi said...

super dude m'a pique l'idee; en trouvant un article relatant l'aventure de trois pizza en un soir, sa7tein en tou cas :D
mais bon blague mise a part;
c'est vrai que c'est une injustice monstre, mais le plus bizarre c'est que plus la famille est pauvre, plus le nombre d'individus est eleve; malthus avait raison quelque part; avec un dollar et demi par semaine, c'est meme pas le prix d'un big mac (A)

At 4:24 PM, Blogger _z. said...

super dude (and deubleudi) - the "smart" and "perceptive" crowd.

you couldn't help yourself at what? trying to be sarcastic and smart? why?
Why do people (especially smart lebanese) always think they have to make a point and try to belittle others...
I wonder about your lifestyles.


did you ever see me claim to be so righteous? did you sense that I was preaching here? I am not bono dude.
I am just stating the not so obvious for many people, you included I am sure.. and that does not make me an hypocrite... although i am...
it's just good to know some facts, and maybe act upon them.

you would also be pleased to know that the last of the 3 pizzas was chowed on yesterday. So it did last more than a weekend, and it costs less that 22$.

If I had to rank my little family of 2 persons, we would be somewhere in the 6th place. Right after Poland (or equal).
Is that satisfactory?
do I get the crappy-pretentious super dude / deubleudi award?

At 3:28 PM, Blogger deuBleuDi said...

we were joking, in fact, I liked the idea of the pizzas so much that Im stealing it with Kio the next time I come to Leb.
and about belittling others, I think u agree that no one can belittle another person without his consent.
anyway, as I mentioned above, no bad intended.

bon, excuse le passage et bonne journee.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger MMMMMMMMM said...

Wow _Z, I didn't think you could get that emotional. Anywho... having lived in Africa, Lebanon, and America, I can tell you one thing, this is a cruel world we're living in, and i think that many people are counting their blessings, or at least are greatful for what they have, just like many others are taking it for granted...

It is amazing, how life becomes much happier once you start noticing the blessings that you have, and how crapy it can get once you start looking for what you do not have.

I would like to see Posh's opinion on that thing

At 12:30 AM, Blogger shoesthatfit said...

oooh, so much negative energy. all i wanted to say is that i received this same email 3 weeks ago. it also made me count my blessings.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Marge said...

Are you fighting for pizzas here?
You cannot say anything about this survey, it's not well balanced!!
The chad being the last at the list has nothing doesn't mean anything!
Ok we agree it's maybe the third world but come on maybe if they had ovens and Pizza Hut they would have pizzas!

The main point of what am trying to say is that les "matieres premieres" are not the same everywhere and the minimum average for living is not the same so the criteria for the samples are not "valables"!

Though, it's nice to see the difference... makes you do a lot of thinking!

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Lirun said...

very effective..

At 6:11 AM, Blogger lindsaylobe said...

A wonderful post that shows our diversity and raises our awareness.
We are what we eat and what we eats tell us a lot about ourselves.
As the second richest man in the world, investor Warren Buffort has said, e.g. Had I been born in the 18th century to parents of peasant farmers with my current skills as an asset allocator, but lacked skills in subsistence farming I may well have starved to death. Instead I was fortunate enough to be born in a country and at time in history when these skills have enabled me to make a fortune.

Maybe that is why he is also trying to give it all away before he dies.

Best wishes

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Zee said...

I like the diet of Bhutan, Ecuador and that other place in Asia. This is my style!!!!


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