Sunday, May 28, 2006

Seeing the World with "Round" Eyes.

Lothar Matthaus, my favorite player of all times.

In November 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. East and West Germany were united again. With the withering of the physical divide, mental geographies morphed, and the fatality of the wall was reduced to a mere image…a memory.
Ideologies were changing, dogmas we being crushed, and yet another communism fails... Families were united again; friends and loved ones embraced one another after a long and painful separation that lasted 28 years.
The world was changing, History was being written, and all I was thinking about is that the German Football team (the Mannschaft) was only going to get stronger with the addition of the likes of Mathias Sammer, and Andreas Thom to the West German elite.

Ten days are left before the FIFA World Cup 2006 kicks-off. I wish I could go. Ever since it was decided that Germany will be hosting the 18th tournament, I thought this is it! I am going to be there, and become part of this amazing event…

All my life I played, and loved this game; it made me dream. It is really a pity that I now live in a country where I am not able to watch and follow my ultimate passion, as much as I used to.
If I was in Lebanon right now, a giant German flag would be dangling down my balcony. It is the season when Lebanese take on, and adopt international identities (Germany, Brazil, Italy, France...) and become fervent supporters of "their chosen countries"...

Good luck Germany! (Although I am afraid of what the artist Ronaldinho can do)

If you have some time to spare, take a break, and watch this video clip.
It amuses me to think and imagine that the situation in Lebanon shouldn't have been too different, between two roadblocks during the "events" of 1975 -1990. During the war period, four world cups passed. Warring factions supported their own chosen teams. They had to keep busy in order to withstand the atrocity and the bitterness of what was happening. I am sure many goals were scored, but who were the winners? That, I guess, will never be disclosed.

If I may, here is a recommended reading for Football fanatics like myself:
I recently read a very interesting book that I think you should check out: How Soccer Explains the World, by Franklin Foer. He is a journalist that basically traveled around the world, and interviewed people from peculiar Football milieus, and the communities that live and breathe around their Football clubs; the clubs that soon become extension to their own being.

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At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool clip! I can just imagine the Goooooooooooooooooooooooool scream every single time Spain scores.

España! España!


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