Sunday, December 16, 2012


I tried to blog again.

I had forgotten the password to urban_memories, and I had to reset it. I never forget passwords!

I guess it has been that long…

This feels so awkward now.
There were years where this was almost easier than breathing. 
It took a lot of time to post about the death of a fallen great Architect, Oscar Niemeyer, as I kept editing fonts, sizes and paragraph adjustments. I had a system for posting, and now all is lost.

I published and kept staring at the screen aimlessly. 
I deleted moldy comments/ads, saved, updated and stared at the screen again. 

I remembered that I could visit other blogs and read what my friends had written, like I used to, only to find that my blog list needs a bit of dusting and updating.
I read… and a big smile draws on my face. I remembered that it was exactly this type of wit and cynicism that got me hooked on this blog and made me follow it.

I look for the “like” button to approve of the post, but could not find it!

On blogs, we had to actually write!

It really has been too long… 


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