Monday, November 19, 2007

Dreams of Water.

Home / Dec.2006 / Beirut, Lebanon / Nikon FG
"... You know, sometimes I think these are the very things that give me comfort, Salah says, gesturing at the places and people around them. The thought that everything will continue to change no matter how hard I try to stop it from doing so. That I will grow steadily older, through different and better defines, and that because of this there will always be newness in me too. He pauses. Coming to this city has made me understand many things that I had not been aware of before. It's made me think of myself in a different way.

Aneesa nods.
That's happened to me too. But what about all the things we left behind when we left home?

They're still here. He stops and looks at her. You must feel the same way too?

I can't forget everything that's happened, she replies. Bassam, my father and what's happened to our country. I can never put those things behind me.

That's not what I meant, Salah says, shaking his head. It's not a question of forgetting.

What is it then, Salah? What do you think I am meant to do?

He runs a trembling hand over his hair and smiles.
Just be happy my dear. Do just that."

Jarrar, Nada Awar. Dreams of Water (p:44-45). HarperCollinsPublishers, London, 2007.

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At 11:34 AM, Blogger laila said...

umm..tell us more about the book?

great photo :)

At 8:42 PM, Blogger poshlemon said...


yes... tell us more.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger poshlemon said...


I forgot to add... the photo's very nice.

Why do I feel like I just repeated what laila said, in essence?

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

weyn nanouss w athath...eyiiih, the pic is not nice without them!!!

At 3:33 AM, Blogger AM said...

The post aside, wa22aftelle albe with this photo ... it's like I'm entering the salon of our neighbors bel day3a, so similar ... what a strike! Ktir awiyye!

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Liliane said...

in deed, nice photo and nice decor

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Coco said...

3an jadd bi Lebnen el furniture a7la bi ktir men hawn :)

Z_, this picture needs colours wlo, so we can see the Christmas decoration better. I see angels on the table?

Nice excerpt. Do tell us more please. (yes I will get the book too)

At 11:58 PM, Blogger _z. said...

Dearest ladies
(yes all the comments are from the ladies)

Sorry for the delay. It was a crazy week.

at first the writer fails to get a hold on me, like the previous book I read, and will talk to you about later on.
For some reason, you don't get intimate with the protagonists. There remained a distance between them and I. Except for Salah who reminded me of my father. And whom I got to really like.

The book is about war, disappointment, loneliness, and hopes.
It's a sad portrayal of missed lives, and missed chances and neglected moments, which you come to regret eventually, after time takes its toll.

the official excerpt of the book is this:
"Aneesa has fled to London after the disappearance of her brother during a period of turbulent unrest in Beirut. She is devastated not only by the loss but also because she cannot discover what has happened or even find his body to bury. In London she finds a life of an exile: she meets others including Salah, who left Lebanon too after the death of his wife to be with his only son. Each have a different reason to be there, but dreams of home are threaded through their lives and their relationship gives them both some hope.

Aneesa knows she cannot settle, cannot deal with her loss until she goes home. There she finds her mother, now a widow, has found a boy she believes is her son returned; her brother's friends have moved on and cannot or will not help with her search. Can she live in a city alongside those who may have had something to do with his death?

When Salah's son returns to Beirut, Aneesa discovers some form of family with him, her mother and her 'new' brother and the beginning of happiness with this family and in living in a place that will always be home to her.

'Dreams of Water' explores the ways in which loss, violence, war can make one wary of commitment, of affection but underlines the importance of hope, of love, of wonder and the attempt to have a last chance of happiness."


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