Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pinus Pinea [01].

July 08 / Rass el Harf, Lebanon / Canon PowerShot SD 750

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

social_disturbance [a matter of time].

The Lachenaie Series: Time / April 08 / Lachenaie, Qc. / Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi

- Uuuuft!
- What is it Emily?

- I don’t want to study History anymore; it is boring.
- But what is history Em? It is this. What you and I are doing.
- What do you mean?
- Everything. Everything we do, and every move we make is history. It is social disturbance. Our behaviors determine a situation, which with scale, magnifies to a social perturbation, and defines a society that makes History.
- So it is us? We are History?
- Hehe, yes in a way we are. Picture us years and years away, being scrutinized by others like us but far, far away from us. A trip in time. I know I’ve previously said, that everything is a matter of scale, but with history, it is a mater of time.

Do you understand?

- What?

- No, nevermind. I was just… pfffft.
- Hihihi,,,
- Get back to your books.
- I am on the Internet dude... Much faster.
- Oh yeah how could I forget… the Internet…

A matter of time I tell you.

- Shhhhhht.

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