Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Humming Girls [Women Throw Curves].

June 07 / Montréal, Qc. / Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi

Tuesday night…
Cold outside… warm inside…
Every day life…

Wife and sister were sitting in the living room.
Like humming of bees, they were talking and conversing while doing their “girly” things. The T.V was on, but they were not watching anything in particular. Every once in a while, they would glance, find something interesting… pause… and then continue with their business.

Dude was there… in the room… hovering around and about... dropping a sentence from time to time.
He was quietly enjoying those rare moment of tranquility, when his brains are not processing multiple images and sequences, in front of a computer screen.

Suddenly, dude felt he wanted to be in on the private chat, the laughter, and the giggling.
In his boyish awkward, way of seeking attention, he stands up… heads towards the girls… lifts his hands up in the air… does weird stupid dance… shouts out loud… pauses… and heads back to the couch…
Girls never stopped humming…

He just shouted the silliest childhood cliché… something that would have caused any sane head to turn with surprise…

They did not see, or hear him…

Dude gets ignored…

Dude decides to blog.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Blink of Memory [Butterflies & Demons].

Butterflies & Demons / Nov.07 / Montréal, Québec / Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi

He had a dream about her last night...
They were together, in their usual little hideaway.
That old vernacular, yellow stone house hidden deep in the heart of the mountain they loved so much.

With only the occasional mist as their accomplice, for years they were able to meet there… clandestinely.

They were happy, enjoying their intimacy, and their isolation.
The world revolved only around them, and the rest fell into oblivion.
Suddenly, a life threatening incident occurs, and without thinking for even a second, he did something that ended him dead to save her life.

He instinctively sacrificed his being, for her.

He always asked himself that question.
You know.
That question he always thought he surely knew the answer for.
If he would really die for her.

People love, and say I love you all the time... but would they really die for someone?

In this intense, unrehearsed, and unconscious phenomenon of dreaming, he got his natural and unconditioned answer...

He would do it faster than the flick of the wings of a butterfly.
He would do it in a blink of a memory.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

[the unfinished posts].

Daydreamin' / Aug.08 / Monte Bello, Québec / Canon PowerShot SD750

I haven’t been able to write for quite some time now.
A terrible lack of concentration due to overworking, numbness and loss of interest in anything remotely intellectual due to the difficulty my brain is having processing the constant browsing my eyes are performing, and being such a fake perfectionist, all contributed to the many reasons I haven’t been able to finish a decent post for the past few months.

Chaotic thoughts, and unorganized images, result in corrupted instances of time, and loss of memory.

Funny coming from a wannabe blogger trying to maintain a blog with “memory” as title.
I have more posts “saved as draft”, than I have as “published”.

For a while now, I couldn’t finish one thought.
I either lose interest a few sentences away, or just finish the post, and decide to publish it the next day and never do.
Both come to the same fatal end; I am not writing.

I started reading a lot again. I had even boycotted reading on the bus… something that was very relaxing and dear to me. I just didn’t feel like thinking... plain and simple.
Not that I didn’t want to, just that I “preferred” not to.

It must have been that I had to devoid my head... even if for a little while.


Sometimes I thought I could just post photography, to help with the block, but then resolved not to... but that is another big
issue story I am going to have to tell you about some other time.
One drama at a time.

It was an amazing Labor Day weekend we had in Quebec. The weather was beautiful, and Montrealers have been waiting the whole summer for such a long weekend.

The sky was blue, the sun was up, and people were OUT.

We rented a car for the holiday, and were able to “go away” for the weekend. We took the ferry to Burlington, and drove the way back passing by beautiful scenery and cute little towns. Then drove to the Outaouais region in Quebec, and tended to “wild” and farm animals in a wild life reserve…

We had excellent company; we walked under the sun, rested our eyes across sublime landscapes, and recharged them with raw, natural, non-Photoshoped colors.

Thanks to good friends, to reconnection with nature and its rightful inhabitants, to a given day of simple and pure happiness, and of course to photography... I now have a new set of beautiful and vivid memories that will hopefully help me get to my next momentary failure.

Yalla, bonne semaine my friends.

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